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Public Notice
Test Market Offer

DDA, developer of the Airoir Chatbot, is a 25 year old digital pioneer that is entering Artificial Intelligence Chatbot startup mode.

DDA is offering artificially low prices, and free services to 10 companies in order to test market and build the Airoi Portfolio.

The 10 companies selected will receive development, deployment, long term hosting, a metrics/analytics suite, and support of their own customized and branded version of Airoi for use on their website and/or social media platforms at no cost.

The selected companies will also receive professional turnkey conversational design services at a 50% discount off of DDA's normal rates. Additionally, usage fees will be reduced from 5 cents to 3 cents per each user interaction, and the usual monthly minimums for usage fees will be discounted or waived.

Companies interested in learning more should schedule a demo here.

Garbage In → Garbage Out

Successful user interaction depends on
Natural Language AI Capability
Advanced Conversational Design

True AI Deep Learning
(not Rule Based) that dynamically adjusts responses based on the conversation for the ultimate user experience
Recipe for a Successful Bot

ROI Depends on Successful Interactions

Recipe for a Successful Bot

  1. Your own custom bot
  2. A unique personality that reflects your organization
  3. Advanced Conversational Design
  4. The RIGHT partner who understands B2B and B2C business and Healthcare
  5. The RIGHT partner who cares and responds
  6. Omnichannel customer connection capabilities
  7. Well integrated hand off to human agent functionality

ROI Also Depends on Initial and Ongoing Cost

Not the average $3.60 per support ticket or about $1.00 per minute for each live agent interaction often equalling up to $10 per call

Airoi is just pennies per each user interaction* and with our Custom and Expert Conversational Design you can expect up to 75% of all chats to reach a satisfactory conclusion

*Minimums may apply
ROI also depends on initial and ongoing cost
  • Pay nothing for the voice or text chatbot, cloud hosting or support
  • Pay only for conversational design (CD) time to create the perfect customized user experience
  • We do the CD work for you and with you to get it RIGHT
  • Then pay only for monthly fees based on actual usage, just pennies per satisfied end user interaction
Performance based Pricing for Maximum ROI

Airoi, the RIGHT User Experience for:

  • Sales
  • Customer Engagement
  • Employee Support
  • Functional Capability Enhancements
  • Query your business applications, provide information back to callers, and make updates as requested
  • Airoi can handle consumer requests, such as accessing the latest news updates, game scores, or weather, and you can deploy on mobile devices, and IoT devices
  • An Airoi voice or text chatbot can assist customers with tasks such as accessing their bank account, booking tickets, ordering food, or calling a cab, and you can control user management, authentication, and sync across all devices
screenshot of chat bot


Airoi is an original AI chatbot offering from the longstanding pioneer in digital and interactive media design and development, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). Established in 1994, DDA has lead the industry in numerous technological breakthroughs.

DDA became one of the first search engine marketing companies in the country in 1996, developed some of the earliest video-based synchronized media online eLearning platforms, and created some of the first virtual medical simulations to train clinicians in a fun and engaging way. DDA continues to push the envelope with interactive multimedia of all kinds, having completed over 3,000 such projects in its 25-year history.

Airoi represents DDA’s commitment to helping advance the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence for use in chatbots.

Using the latest available technologies and its unique capabilities in designing immersive interactive digital experiences with outstanding value, DDA’s Airoi chatbot is customized to meet the needs of each individual client. From naming and avatar development to personality profiling and most importantly conversational design, DDA optimizes the user experience for each client’s target audience at every stage.

The conversational design services are what distinguishes DDA’s AI chatbot development services as uniquely value-added. Using seed information and some initial direction from the client, DDA creates the conversational content and flow that helps chatbots appropriately respond to user inquiries and other communications with the perfect tone, diction, and phrasing for the audience. Airoi chatbots can also send links to users to get them to relevant online resources for information, products, or services, or can gather pertinent information from users using forms and other features. Airoi chatbots can even schedule events, place orders, provide product and service support, and more.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Airoi AI chatbots by DDA get the right information and services to the right people in the right way, exactly when the information is wanted or needed.


Custom AI chatbot design and development may sound intimidating to the budget-conscious, but it doesn’t need to be.

DDA has been committed to using the efficiency gains of new technologies to the advantage of its clients since its inception over 25 years ago, helping democratize the spread of advanced digital technologies to a wider range of clients. Most AI chatbot design and development companies charge for the chatbot itself and expect the client to take responsibility for conversational design, which is the key to the success of all AI chatbots. Most companies are not even capable of providing professional conversational design. DDA does it differently.

With DDA’s Airoi chatbot, clients receive artificial intelligence, natural language processing capabilities, and cloud hosting services supporting the chatbot at no charge. Costs for development are instead comprised of custom design, integration of custom features, and most importantly, conversational design. DDA will work with you to develop the structure, logic, interface/avatar design, administrative capabilities, chatbot personality and conversational tone, and conversational content and flow to ensure exceptional interactions and end user experience.

The average support ticket in the U.S. costs about $3.60, and each live agent interaction costs about $10 per call. With the Airoi AI chatbot, you pay just a few cents per interaction, and/or a small minimum usage fee.

Support provided by the Airoi chatbot can displace expenditures on live support, so with Airoi, the more you spend, the more you save.

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